Survival Food: Wild Edible Plants, Fungi, Insects, and Meat

Survival Food - wild edible plants (1)

If you’ve been a part of the Survival Mastery community over the last few years, you know that I often focus on short-term wilderness survival skills. These are the specific skills that are most likely to save your life in an emergency.

As a refresher, here is a list of the most important survival skills:

  1. Shelter – Which includes the clothes on your back/in your pack
  2. Water – Finding, gathering, and treating
  3. First-Aid – Basic CPR, stopping bleeding, stopping anaphylaxis
  4. Getting Out – Navigation and signaling
  5. Fire – This is the wildcard that will enhance all other skills
  6. Food – Wild edibles (plants, fungi, and meat)

Thankfully, making an emergency shelter, finding and treating water, and signaling are all relatively easy skills to learn.

First Aid is a little more technical, but it’s one of those vital skills that everyone who enters the wilderness should know.

Navigation and making fire take more practice, depending on your environment.

Food, on the other hand, takes the most time and effort to learn. The good thing is that food is not very important for a short-term survival situation. You can go weeks without eating food.

But what if you’re “out there” longer than a few days? Or what if you want to incorporate wild edibles into your daily life (this is the best way to learn about wild food)?

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