The One Match Fire

PLC1 One Match Fire

Here’s the scenario:

You’re out with a friend on a hike in the mountains. It’s early Fall. The days are getting shorter. The nights are getting colder.

You come to a stream and expect to find a bridge. But the bridge is no where to be found. Traveling upstream you locate a log that crosses the frigid body of water.

It’s decision time. Cross the stream and summit the mountain OR turnaround and head home.

You decide to test your balancing skills and go for it. After a few minor slips, you make it across safely. Your friend isn’t so lucky.

He slips and falls. Hard. Everything goes in slow motion. You watch as he soaks himself completely; gasping for air in the snow-fed water.

Thankfully, he’s okay. No broken bones. No concussion. You help him ashore and get him sitting against a tree.

But almost immediately you notice him shivering – one of the first signs of hypothermia.

While it was warm when you started the hike, the chill of evening is setting in.

Ideally you could get him out of his wet clothes and into dry ones. Ideally you could get your stove out and make some hot tea.

Ideally you could reverse the fact that he’s losing heat faster than his body can replace it.

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